Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hope Is The Only Thing More Effective Than Fear

"Hope is the only thing more effective than fear. A little hope is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous."
The Hunger Games

Every child born contains, breaths and exists on hope. The child stays alive in hope and the quality of each child's life is bound to the hope it's parents or caretakers have. A misery loving parent can steal and kill all future hope for a child. But a parent who hopes is a parent that choses life for their child. Of all the things I've learned in the last couple years I most love the lessons in hope I've received. I've danced and argued and resented hope. I've declared hope to be cruel and a liar. I've also found it's what keeps us moving forward. A little hope is very effective. But a lot of hope....whoah now! Am I sure I can even imagine or hope that much? Yes. I can. I can hope for my children. We need hope for our children. They need that. Hope that life is good and will be good. Hope that what is right will prevail. We need the hope to live in our children. Their hope is worth protecting.

Dark Corner
The knife he held to my pregnant belly was sharp, it's touch hurt. On the cool grass where he held me down he snarled out the threat of slicing me from groin to throat. The baby kicked and I could feel the blade bite against my skin, right where she had kicked. He spoke of spilling the baby out and watching us bleed to death. He talked about how he would bury us under the house in the crawl space. No one would look for me. He'd already astraigned me from everyone including my family. I couldn't look at him, my tears poured down my face. I had been "complaining of being tired" instead of cleaning up the living room as he had expected. He had claimed for years that everything I did was a sin. That sin deserved death. He hated me and I knew it. It was my sweet Cora inside my pregnant belly. ..the other kids looked out the window at us. Real quick he pulled the knife back scratching me with the blade and threw it at the fence. Spitting out words of death he went back inside the house. The other kids faces watched in the window, I wiped my eyes.

Where there was once no courage there is courage. Where there was once no hope there is plenty of hope. Where there was once no bravery there is Brave. My children need Brave. 

If you are being harmed, know that you will never feel ready. It will never feel convenient or "right" to leave your partner. People you know and respect may tell you to stay or that marriage is tough or to just get counseling. Please find help. Violence is never acceptable. A person who harms anyone is wrong, not the ones being harmed. Its okay to acknowledge that you are a victim, that you are being hurt. Please find help. 
If you are not being harmed first be thankful. Second find a way to help. Domestic violence occurs in every walk of life, every people group and every place on earth. Help the women and children find hope. As always, be Brave. 

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