Saturday, October 25, 2014


Have you ever hoped for the illusive "something more". I have. I thought it was love; but truly know I've found that and still I've been wanting. I wasn't looking for God- he can't be found, he just is. I wasn't looking for money (though I'd love just a tad more for Christmas presents! But wouldn't we all!) - (And seriously that was NOT a hint Mom, I promise! ) No, I just needed to be reminded of the joy of work. Yup work! I find that peaceful joyous excitement for life when I cook- the aim for the perfect cookie has long been in pursuit! I find that fulfillment and awareness when I write a new song- expression mixed with work is amazing! I find that "something more" when I apply myself. Joy is made. Did you catch that? Joy is made. We've lost our ways of having a craft. We belittle the hobby with our busyness. We tire ourselves with "work" we care little about. We dishonor ourselves daily with nothing to aspire to. What are you working on? What is moving you? What brings you joy? My new hobby might be to free myself and my children from injustice. It might be to free you and yours too. Working for something, applying ourselves feels amazing. We were meant to work. Meant to build something meaningful. It takes a lot to build toward something. Its scary, its time, its...ourselves. Be Brave!

Dark Corner-
My face hit the wall. I knew when I'd started up the stairs I should be careful. The kids were very quiet. I could feel him before he met me at the top of the stairs. He told me to get out. He stood in front of the kids and I knew he was in a very precarious place, a dangerous place. I also knew my back was still purple along my spine. My ankle sore and my head hurt from last night's episode of anger. I'd had a great day, came home in such a good this. I wanted to make dinner. I wanted to live. But that want wasn't strong enough. He'd somehow taken me from me and I simply turned and walked back downstairs.

When you can't have joy; when you can't just be; when you can't find you- no matter what the cause you need help. You need someone to help you, someone to talk to- some good counsel. If you are also being physically harmed you need to become safe so you can think, so you can see. You can not think clearly or see anything while afraid for your life, well-being or the safety/security of your children. Please get help. There is no shame in this. Joy is out there to be had but you have to get free of harm first. Be brave, be very brave!

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